Ways to Give


To succeed in meeting the needs of tomorrow, we need your help.

The Verthermia Foundation is a registered, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization* established in Nevada in 2020. To succeed in meeting the needs of tomorrow, we need your help—to ensure world-class healthcare for generations to come. We invite you to become our partner and join us in this commitment.

Support Patients 

The Verthermia Foundation’s emphasis is to provide financial assistance to those seeking therapy who do not have the financial resources for treatment. If you choose for your donation to support a monetary grant for a patient, you will contribute to offset the cost of needed therapy and extend hope to an eligible patient. 

Through our transformational campaign, you have the power to impact the future of healthcare and help hospice or hospice eligible patients and their families. Please join us in this important endeavor by donating to Support Patients today.

Support Research and Development

To advance the science of whole-body hyperthermia, The Verthermia Foundation plans to raise funds through research grants in conjunction with various universities and hospitals. If you choose to donate to Support Research and Development, you will be part of the legacy in the fight to end cancer. 

Please join us in supporting scientific breakthroughs that will benefit life-extending therapies and a healthier future for generations to come.

*The United States Internal Revenue Code permits you to deduct the cash amount donated to TVF.